Quiz – What’s Your Style?

10 November 2020

To give you an insight in to the types of styles we look at during a Personal Style consultation, I thought I’d provide a bit of nostalgia with a good, old-fashioned quiz!

Have a read through the questions below and highlight one statement which resonates with you the most for each question…

1. How would you describe your clothing tastes?
A) Relaxed, comfortable and casual
B) Smart, tailored, co-ordinated
C) Eye-catching, bold, striking, fashion-led
D) Original, inventive but decorative
E) Modern classic lines, elegant, fashionable, co-ordinated
F) Pretty with details that make you feel feminine
G) Stylish, luxe, chic, glam, classy

2. How do you wear your hair?
A) Minimum fuss; definitely easy to manage – wash and go is your motto
B) Controlled and neat but not severe
C) Something current or ‘of the moment’; it may change regularly in style and/or colour.
D) Changeable in style and colour; perhaps using scarves and clips.
E) Up to date, but not extreme; in top condition
F) Pretty and feminine; often long
G) Elegantly groomed, on trend and in glossy condition

3. Which look best describes your make-up?
A) Minimal, natural, healthy glow
B) Subtle, polished appearance
C) Bold, designed to be noticed
D) Experimental and sometimes daring colour combinations
E) Current but not extreme; blended
F) Soft and feminine, you spend time over your look
G) Glossy, sophisticated, stylish

4. Which jewellery are you most comfortable with?
A) Simple studs, or natural beads / stones / wooden /shell pieces at the most
B) Pearls or a fine gold chain
C) Large, designer pieces; diamante – a bold look
D) Unusual pieces and lots of them – you love and collect accessories
E) Real items – silver, platinum or gold/white gold – current and noticeable, yet elegant
F) Dangly, pretty items with lots of intricate detail; floral shapes
G) Elegant, statement pieces, expensive looking

5. Which colours do you tend to wear more often?
A) Natural, earthy colours; nothing bright or pastel
B) Blended colours, nothing too bright or contrasting
C) Rich, bold colours in strong contrast
D) Hand-painted, mixed colours – depends on your mood
E) Neutral colours – charcoal, pewter, ivory or stone – usually wearing just two colours.
F) Soft, pretty pastels
G) Sophisticated neutrals, metallics, vibrant accent colours

6. For special occasions, which would be your preferred outfit?
A) Comfortable trousers, or long skirt with loose-fitting top
B) Simple dress, perhaps black, neither too short nor too long
C) Whatever is currently in fashion; colourful or contrasting
D) Vintage, perhaps in velvet, brocade, lace; you may make or customise your own
E) Something elegant, simple and stylish – dress / jumpsuit or top and trousers
F) Fitted dress with lots of detailing; you love feeling feminine
G) Striking, elegant dress / top and dressy trousers / jumpsuit in luxury looking fabrics

7. How do you feel about shopping for clothes?
A) It’s just a necessary chore; certainly not a pastime
B) You plan your shopping and take a list; you prefer quality over quantity
C) You love seeing what’s in fashion and buying clothes in the latest styles
D) You love interesting pieces: markets, vintage, charity shops, car boots……anywhere!
E) You enjoy discovering investment pieces
F) It’s one of your favourite pastimes – You love shopping for clothes and pretty accessories
G) You love shopping and picking out stylish, expensive looking pieces

8. Your favourite fabrics are:
A) Denim, cotton, linen, natural fibres
B) The best quality fabrics you can afford: silks, cashmere, merino wool
C) Suede and leather, glamorous silks, satins; extravagance
D) Unusual combinations such as denim and velvet; leather and lace; tartan and silk
E) Soft, fluid, fabrics like fine jersey, cottons and fine wool, cashmere and slub/raw silk.
F) Delicate and light, soft to touch – cashmere, angora, silk and satin
G) Silky, soft, flowing fabrics that feel and look luxurious

9. Which patterns do you prefer?
A) Happier in solid, block colour; a natural check perhaps?
B) Solids mostly; Breton / an occasional pinstripe or subtle, patterned scarf
C) Bold, striking designs e.g. hounds tooth check, geometric designs, bold stripe, animal print
D) Anything which is different; vintage, hand-dyed, large scale florals, paisley, alternative
E) Solids, or self prints within the fabric itself; subtle herringbone, soft check perhaps
F) Delicate floral prints, spots, hearts, butterflies or squiggles
G) Prefer solid, block colours perhaps with elegant details e.g. metallic thread or an elegant design on largely plain background

10. Footwear?
A) Comfortable and practical; sturdy boots, flats or wedges in natural materials
B) Classic courts and timeless styles, polished and reheeled regularly
C) Heels, fashionable, patent, sharp, contrasting, colour; large details on flats and pumps
D) Interesting, unique or quirky styles; beaded, espadrilles, clogs, pumps, canvas, colourful, patterned
E) ‘Of the moment’ but not catwalk; neutral, elegant, classy
F) Dainty, delicate heels with detail; bows, frills, floral adornments. Hardly ever wear flats.
G) Heeled shoes or boots in current styles.  Drawn to neutrals, metallics and the occasional accent colour.  Love a bit of sheen, gloss or glitz for going out


Now count up how many you highlighted for each letter and see which style you align with most below…!

A – Natural: Relaxed, comfortable, casual. Prefer minimal fuss, natural colours and fabrics.
B – Classic: Always smart, co-ordinated, timeless, tailored, neat, elegant.
C – Dramatic: Vibrant and confident.  Love a bold look that reflects what is in fashion.
D – Creative: Quirky, fun, different, original, imaginative, boho / hippy, artistic, alternative, colourful.
E – Contemporary: Elegant, simplicity personified! Effortlessly chic and sophisticated.
F – Feminine: Soft, dainty, delicate & coordinated. Love florals and pretty prints. Or, sassy, sexy, sensual, bold, fashion conscious, style led.
G – Glamorous: Exude glamour, wealth & confidence and are usually vibrant, coordinated and on trend.  Love elegant styles with shimmer and gloss.

Remember this is just a bit of fun!  It’s more common that you will fit in to two categories rather than just one.  Take a look at my Pinterest Personal Style boards (all pre-fixed with PS) to see the sorts of clothing each style wears and how the styles mix.

Knowing your personal style enables you to stop comparing yourself to others and feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.  If you would like to find out more about your personal style because you feel lost or confused about what you ‘should’ be wearing, I can help. A Personal Style consultation is really a journey of self discovery which will leave you feeling liberated!  Contact me to find out more.

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