Why you need a style icon

20 September 2020

Personal style is well, personal and unique, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get inspired or influenced by people around us. Finding someone whose style you love and aspire to emulate, whether it’s a friend or acquaintance or someone on social media or in the public eye, can be really useful. Understanding why you’re drawn to their style, can help you define yours.

Take a moment to describe how you would classify their look. Is it smart? Chic? Elegant? Feminine? Bold? Crazy? Glamorous? Edgy? Effortlessly casual?

What do you think their clothing says about them? What is it you love about their look? The colours they choose? The fit of the clothes? The fabrics? Or the prints and patterns?

That’s a lot of questions but if you spend a bit of time considering the answers it could really help you make sense of your own style, enabling you to shop smarter when choosing clothes for yourself. Have a look in your wardrobe – would you use those words to describe your clothes? If not, maybe it’s time to be bold and make some changes.

I started thinking about this because I recently discovered a fabulous lady on Instagram who goes by the moniker @luinlululand. Her style is colourful, bold, creative, dramatic and eclectic and I love it. My own style is a little similar but not as statement, however she has inspired me to be more bold with my choice of outfits. I sometimes wonder what would ‘Lou’ do?! That’s the other advantage to finding a style icon, they can help push your boundaries.

But, be careful! When considering who might be your style icon, choose someone whose wardrobe you would love to own. Remember that it’s ok to appreciate someone’s style but realise that it wouldn’t be right for you. For example, you may admire a colleague who wears beautifully tailored suits and looks immaculate but if you prefer clothing that’s not so structured and tend to look more natural in your appearance, you will feel very uncomfortable if you tried to emulate them (unless you really are in ‘hiding’ style-wise).

If you don’t think your wardrobe reflects who you really are and would like help, get in touch! Personal style sessions really are a journey of self discovery.

For inspiration, check out my Style Pinterest boards to see which category you identify with the most.

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