LOCATION The Colour Analysis, Personal Style and Body Shape sessions all take place at my home in Petersfield in a light, bright and tranquil setting. I provide a space for you to relax and unwind as you take some well deserved time out for yourself.


• Do you find it difficult to shop for your shape?
• Are you unsure which styles flatter your figure?
• Are there areas of your body you wish to highlight or disguise but don’t know how to?
A Body Shape consultation can help solve all of these issues and more.


The body shape session will help you understand how to dress your figure to make you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. It’s not simply about your shape and size, we’ll consider how you are proportioned and even your personality which can affect the scale of the patterns and accessories you choose.


• You’ll be asked to fill in a brief questionnaire to help ascertain what you might be struggling with and where you need help.


• Begin with a chat about your completed questionnaire
• Include a body shape assessment. This requires no undressing at all. You’ll simply be asked to discuss your body so I can best advise on the styles of clothing which will suit you. I usually go first to help put you at ease.
• Discuss how the scale of a pattern or accessory can have an effect visually and explain why your personality has an influence on this.
• Highlight how we draw lines across our body with our clothes.
• Give you advice on which types of clothing and accessories flatter your shape to help you look and feel amazing. Together we’ll look at necklines, hemlines and everything in between so you know exactly what will work best for you.
• Teach you how to disguise any areas you wish to hide if required.
• Help you define the types of outfits you might consider for each season and different occasions.

Post session, you’ll be given handouts detailing what we have discussed, including a comprehensive pictorial handout showing the different types of clothing that do or don’t work for you. You should leave feeling confident and excited about dressing your shape. Often ruling out certain clothing shapes and styles can be as therapeutic as finding out what works. It can be a very empowering process.

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group for clients only which offers a safe and welcoming space to share your experience, ask advice or simply showcase any new outfits.

Cost – £125

I offer a 20% discount if you book more than one session at a time (applies to Colour Analysis, Personal Style & Body Shape only). For example, two sessions for £200, or three sessions for £300.

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