LOCATION The Colour Analysis, Personal Style and Body Shape sessions all take place at my home in Petersfield in a light, bright and tranquil setting. I provide a space for you to relax and unwind as you take some well deserved time out for yourself.


• Is your wardrobe a mix of not just colours but styles of clothing making it difficult to put outfits together?
• Do you feel pressure to follow certain trends?
• Or do you continually compare yourself to others who you feel are dressed better than you?
• Perhaps you feel completely out of your comfort zone if you need to be casual or dressy?

Sometimes due to changes in lifestyle or simply over time we can find ourselves hiding in our clothes or lost when it comes to choosing what we like to wear. Often we can feel confused about what we ‘should’ be wearing when we simply need to find a way of dressing that is an expression of our personality.


I can help you find your style and show you how it will work for any occasion so that you can stop comparing and feel comfortable and confident in yourself. These sessions are really a journey of self discovery which will leave you feeling liberated!


• You’ll be sent a questionnaire to start you thinking about the types of clothing you’re drawn to.
• You’ll be asked to bring a selection of your clothing and accessories along with you which we’ll chat through to find out your reasons for choosing them.


• Consider your lifestyle and how you like to feel in your clothes.
• Show you the various style profiles that exist to help you hone in on what you’re really drawn to, considering colours, types of fabric, patterns, details, not just the shape and style.
• Look at how you can apply your preferred profile/s to your wardrobe, looking at what types of clothing and accessories you might shop for during each season and for different occasions.

Post session, you’ll be sent a personalised style profile and be invited to view a Pinterest board with some outfits to give you inspiration.

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group for clients only which offers a safe and welcoming space to share your experience, ask advice or simply showcase any new outfits.

Cost – £125

I offer a 20% discount if you book more than one session at a time (applies to Colour Analysis, Personal Style & Body Shape only). For example, two sessions for £200, or three sessions for £300.

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