Stay Cool

10 October 2020

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. As the leaves on the trees turn their rich, warm colours they provide a stunning display. Every year, the shops tend to follow suit, flooding their stores with earthy colours such as chestnut brown, gold, mustard yellow, terracotta, khaki green and russet red to name a few.

You are very lucky if you suit these gorgeous colours! They are not for everyone, especially if your hair and skin are cool toned. These warm colours are likely to add a yellow tint to your skin draining the colour from your face. At a time of year when colds creep in and we lose that sun-kissed glow from Summer, that is less than desirable! Cool skin generally has a pink or blue undertone but can include those who are olive skinned whilst cool hair can be described as ashy or platinum without any red or golden hues to it.


Cool Neutrals

So, what happens if you need to replenish your wardrobe? My advice would be stick to your best ‘cool’ neutrals as most shops will still stock items in black, navy, grey, taupe and white alongside their autumn colours. You can then add your best accent colours using accessories to lift your outfit.

There are also stores online that specialise in selling clothing suited to the seasonal colour palettes. Kettlewell Colours for example are worth taking a look at for every day basics. You can find some great layering pieces to help bring a splash of colour to your wardrobe.

Cool accent colour inspiration…

All the discos
Velvet and Rose Poncho
Kettlewell Light Emerald Shirt
Hot Pink White Zebra Dangles
Kettlewell Aquarius Sweatshirt
Kettlewell Chloe Jacket Sapphire
Blue Silver Trapeze Dangles
Kettlewell Ganzi Cardigan
Kettlewell True Red Top
Small Italian Leather Clutch Bright Blue

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