Style Is Ageless

10 November 2020

When I asked for feature suggestions, something that came up a few times was style tips and inspiration for women in their 50s. It is something I’m keen to advise on because I think women are still bombarded with messages telling them what they should or shouldn’t be wearing during different stages in their lives, and I have strong opinions about it!

If you are in your fifties or approaching them or feel you have reached a ‘certain age’ and therefore should be dressing a certain way, I’m here to shout from the roof tops “PLEASE DON’T, IT’S NONSENSE!” The only reason for questioning your style is if you feel a bit lost and would like some help.

I would hope if you take anything away from this post, it’s that this is a mindset you need to let go of. Free yourself from it! Style is not dictated by age. There is no certain way to dress – ignore the newspaper and magazine articles which may still be saying otherwise. They are peddling an ‘old-fashioned’ view. Do not feel that you can’t try the latest trend or that certain stores are off limits.

I’ve been reading Erica Davies fabulous new book “Leopard Is A Neutral” and she has included a brilliant chapter on this very subject within this book. She writes, “For so long, we have all been led by style rules, but I think there is actually one question to ask yourself when it comes to your clothes, regardless of your age: ‘Does it make me happy?’ If you feel happy in what you’re wearing, you will radiate happiness to those around you and that’s what dressing should be about.” Amen to that!

If you’re not sure what makes you happy style-wise, have a good look through your wardrobe and pick out your favourite pieces. Do they have anything in common? Consider their fabrics, colours, prints and shapes. Take care, if the only thing in common is comfort! It’s fine to love comfy clothes but do they also make you happy or do you feel like you are hiding in them? Do they express your personality?

If you feel like you are in a style rut or just feel unsure about what you ‘should’ be wearing, here are my tips to help you make the most of your style, regardless of your age…

  • Consider what makes you feel happy! I’ve mentioned this already but it can’t be underestimated. If the clothes in your wardrobe don’t bring you joy, spend time thinking about what would. Buy a few magazines to see how they’re styling current trends and browse the websites of different stores for some inspiration. Sometimes it’s easier to see how they’re styling the items rather than just seeing them on hangers in store. (Ignore the ages of the models!)  Erica Davies mentions in her book that “It’s about finding stores and brands that speak to your personality, not your age.”
  • Ignore any rules! There are none anymore when it comes to dressing your age in my opinion.
  • Don’t shy away from current trends. Erica Davies has another pearl of wisdom in her book which I wholeheartedly agree with – “Style is an incredibly personal evolution and we should never stop experimenting”. If you love the maxi dress and chunky boot look, give it a whirl. Try out some faux leather trousers if they appeal to you. Just don’t discount anything before you’ve tried it because that voice in your head is telling you it’s maybe ‘a bit young’.
  • Find women in the public eye or on social media who’s style you admire to inspire you. Follow them on Instagram to see how they’re putting outfits together. You can search for hashtags to try and find people who’s style you love such as ‘styleover50’ but don’t restrict yourself to only looking at a certain age category.
  • Wear colour near your face to give you a natural, healthy glow. This doesn’t have to be your top if you prefer neutrals but try a necklace, some earrings or a scarf in an accent colour to just lift your outfit. The right colour near your face works miracles!

Finally there are maybe some practical things to consider if you are in perimenopause or going through the menopause. If you are experiencing hot flushes, wear lightweight, breathable fabrics and layer up for warmth. Ensure that you’re happy the base layer can be worn on its own so you can strip off if needs be!

If your shape has changed and you are not sure what suits you, try not to hide your figure as this can add unnecessary volume. If you have gained weight around your middle which you would like to disguise, try wearing longer, flowing tops perhaps with an asymmetric hem. Take care that the hemline finishes above or below the widest point on your hips or thighs. If your top is more voluminous, try wearing more fitted clothing on your bottom half to show your shape.

If working all of this out by yourself feels overwhelming and you would like help, you may wish to consider the trio of services I offer to help boost your confidence and define your style. Investing in Colour Analysis, Personal Style and Body Shape consultations will help you understand your own style and what clothes and colours suit you so that you look and feel fantastic. Take a look at the Services on my website for more info or contact me if you have any queries.

In the meantime, check out my Pinterest board entitled ‘Ageless Style’ for inspiration and take a look at some of these fabulous women who have amazing style…!

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